1. Rants from Dragon's Den - The Tao of Bah Humbug

    Ever since I reached the age of enlightenment (i.e. 34 when I got married), I have truly believed that, religious connotations aside, Christmas is for two distinct and clearly defined groups of people: children; and adults who are searching for a partner / soul mate / person-who-makes-it-so-I-never-have-to-date-outside-my-species-again. What can I say, Iím an incurable romantic.

    This rant isnít about the religious aspects of Christmas or any other faithís holiday celebrations. ...
  2. Rants from Dragon's Den - Snow Alzheimers

    I'm not a doctor or a medical researcher, but I believe that I have stumbled upon the discovery of an entirely hertofore unknown strain of Alzheimers. Luckily, if you live someplace where the average winter temperature is above 32 degrees, you are likely not in any danger. Alas, if you're like me and you live in a cold climate, you and your loved ones are directly in the path of this awful, debilitating disease that affects thousands of people every year in late November and early December Ö WHEN ...
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  3. Rants from Dragon's Den - Volume 1, Issue # 1

    I have a confession to make, and it will come as a huge surprise to many of my friends in DTH and across GG ... I am not really an asshole to most people I interact with on a daily basis.

    However I do frequently play one on television, or to be more precise, when I'm playing video games ON a television. On XBox Live, I become a victim - nay, an accomplished practitioner - of Gaming Asshole Syndrome (GAS). It's the reason why I typically run AHOL as my clan tag. Here are some examples ...
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