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  1. Let's talk about Smoking

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    Specifically, quitting.

    I am a heavy smoker. I have smoked since I was 14. For 15 years or more I smoked roll-ups, in good blue-collar working class Welshman style. Since moving to the US I have weaned myself onto filtered Camel Lights / Blues.

    So I registered with a doctor for the first time in 20 years this week, and got the predictable talking to, along with a chest X-ray. Obviously I have signs of damage from all that smoking (mostly cardio-vascular at the moment,
  2. Update on PlayStation Network Outage

  3. Soldier's Dream

    I dreamed kind Jesus fouled the big-gun gears;
    And caused a permanent stoppage in all bolts;
    And buckled with a smile Mausers and Colts;
    And rusted every bayonet with His tears.

    And there were no more bombs, of ours or Theirs,
    Not even an old flint-lock, not even a pikel.
    But God was vexed, and gave all power to Michael;
    And when I woke he'd seen to our repairs.
    2nd Lt, Wilfred Edward Salter Owen, 5th Bn. Manchester Regiment ...
  4. Game Devs - part the second

    So over the weekend, we spent some time with my game dev buddy I talked about previously. Saturday night - dinner, beer, and Rock Band 2.

    And I felt I should correct something I said last time, about this game dev buddy of mine not finding the fun in games any more, as that's not entirely true. He is a really hardcore RB2 guitarist, and his wife is a mean drummer. (To everyone who sent me messages on XBL letting me know that when I was done signing that B-52s song, they were getting ...
  5. Everything changes. Everything stays the same.

    I'm not a very skilled gamer. I used to play single-player modes exclusively (despite some dabbling with UT many years ago). Geezergamers introduced me to the habit of playing online very frequently. I realize that for most people Multiplayer came first, but I only really ventured online once I knew I was in a community that it's pleasant to spend time with.

    Back then, kids, it was Halo 2 or nothing. Obviously, everyone has different needs and wants from gaming, and everyone finds ...
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