1. Banhammer Falls HARD

    Most of us that use XBL are quite used to hearing about being console banned because of modding, excessive cheating, 10th prestige lobbies, etc. (In fact, you can actually read some of the more entertaining "appeals" from those who were banned over HERE.) Geezers who own PS3s can start to breathe a sigh of relief: those twerps who hack their PS3s are getting banned from the PlayStation Network as well.

    According to several sites, those running custom firmware or using pirated ...
  2. I GOT BANNED FOR NO GOOD REASON - Best of the XBL Banned/Suspended Forums

    I just love this stuff. Hearing how "unjust" the XBL Enforcement Team is, banning/suspending Timmies, or just resetting their Gamerscores to zero and labeling them a cheater. On occasion, there are some posts that just take the cake. Like this one (and keep in mind, I've kept the original formatting for your pleasure):

    Quote Originally Posted by KingRizzla
    Please provide the information i need not your code of conduct or whatever else you find to copy and paste. I need to know if KingRizzla is suspended or not