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  1. Blickey's Avatar
    Nice post. I have yet to see the Grand Canyon but it is high on my list. Thanks for sharing.
  2. LouisQCI's Avatar
    Not sure what went wrong with the formatting on this and I still can not figure out how to edit this thing.
  3. rpmdds's Avatar
    Pretty deep, Louis!
  4. rpmdds's Avatar
    Freedom 55? What the hell's that. I heard of Freedom 85... (thanks crappy economy and idiot quants!!!)
    Besides the love of gaming, I hope you got lots of interests and hobbies to keep you busy! Looking forward to this blog of yours Louis!
  5. Yardarm51's Avatar
    I may be a mod but I'm not too sure about how to edit blog posts to be honest. You may not want to hear this man but my father is getting ready to retire in March and is getting ready to start doing all this adminisitrivia stuff as well. It is actually his second retirement as he retired once and the office panicked and hired him back on the next day as a contract worker.
  6. LouisQCI's Avatar
    So how do I edit this as I found some mistakes? Thought this was part of my first blog post. Seems to be a new one, guess I got to read the directions.