1. The Battle of the Threes

    The Battle of the Threes

    2011 seems to be a year for third installments. Gears of War and Saintís Row come to mind. But the focus today is the third installment in two of the premiere first person shooter franchises, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Battlefield. I wanted to give Modern Warfare 3 a similar

    Released only a handful of weeks apart, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 occupy essentially the same territory but are, in actuality, worlds apart in spite of similar ...
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  2. New Tattoo!

    As per my previous blog entry:

    A few folks told me it would hurt a lot. It didn't.

    My hope is to bump into someone years down the road in some random sort of place and see another of these... and when I ask about the meaning, to be told that it is this thing to support friends and loved ones who are fighting cancer.

    That would kick some serious butt
  3. **** Cancer!


    For those who might not know, my mother passed away suddenly on January 9th after a two year battle with inflammatory breast cancer. It has been really difficult to deal with... and I am hoping that the planned family memorial for May 8th will help me with it.

    If it was just that, though, I could handle it.

    The problem is that the Easter weekend just sucked on the cancer front. I checked my email sunday afternoon and discovered that a good ...
  4. Remembrance Day - Belated

    For some reason, I obviously didnt post this from draft to blog on the 11th. SO here it is for posterity:

    November 11th. The day that, almost 100 years ago, the First World War ended. In Canada and most of the Commonwealth, it is the day we pause to remember those who fought and died at the call of their nations.

    The Canadian version of the History channel shows a lot of documentaries and war movies at this time of the year, and being a military history buff, I've ...
  5. Glitchers and cheaters and hackers oh my!

    I don't even remotely understand cheating in an online game.

    After many many moons, I dropped CoD: Modern Warfare into my 'box to warm up for some (hopefully) Geezer action this evening. And what did I find in the very first map (Overgrown)? Some moron timmy camped out under the map, racking up a 20-1 score before I got so frustrated that I left. My controller is sitting beside me and I am still simmering quietly with rage that this sort of behaviour seems the norm amongst the ...
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