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  1. Flyers 3 :: Penguins 2 - October 7th, 2010

    The Penguins opened their brand new home, the Consol Energy Center Thursday night to start the 2010/11 NHL Regular Season. Just 3 short years ago this seemed an impossibility. Now with a 30 year lease and a state of the art facility thanks to owner Mario Lemiuex (who has now saved the team three times as a player and twice as an owner) we look forward to a new season and era in the Tradition of Penguins Hockey.

    The game was
  2. Why I Am Leaving Facebook

    So, tonight at midnight CST I flipped the off switch on my Facebook Account. Meaning I deactivated it. This is different from deletion, which would in theory remove all record of me from the site. it ay come to that, but right now it's just deactivated. My name and picture have been removed from anything I've ever participated on at Facebook. This wasn't a move taken lightly by me. I've been a Facebook user longer than most. I honestly think I opened a Faceook account sometime in 2004. But ...
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