1. Turtle Beach Earforce X41 Review

    Growing tired of the better half complaining about the TV volume being too loud (even if its only on 20/200!) and acknowledging the fact that I'm probably better off with a new headset anyway I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on a new Headset. I looked at several and heard quite a few demos but when it came down to it, I picked up the X41.

    My wants:
    * Wireless
    * High Quality Sound Processing (Dolby Digital, at the very least)
    * Solid Sound
    * Nothing ...
  2. Windows Media Center... it's a beautiful thing!

    Recently, I have taken an interest in streaming media using Netflix. However, Netflix as we know has its own set of issues with buffering, oddities with bandwidth and of course it's biggest flaw - media choice. I knew that before you could play media from your PC to your XBox by simply adding your XBox as a Windows Media device and going to Pictures/Videos/Music and playing them. But that was when I was running Windows XP and just using Windows Media Player. Since upgrading to Windows 7 and discovering ...