Lux Devil 67

  1. Am i burnt out, or just getting old?

    For whatever reason, games just don't interest me the way they used to.
    Years ago I'd be all over E3. I'd be waiting for my new OXM and Gameinformer magazines and would read them cover to cover. I'd keep track of games I was interested in and have them pre-ordered for me to pick up on release date.
    I got tired of the fanboyish style of OXM and cancelled it. I got tired of paying $60 for what I felt was a $40 game. I got tired of paying for dlc that the developer wanted to ...
  2. Friend Deletions

    i deleted almost everyone from my friends list recently. not because i have anything against anyone, but because i feel i'm just taking up space on everyone's list. i hardly ever play online and as a matter of fact, my gold membership runs out in a couple of weeks and i doubt i'll renew it. i'll still be here posting and stuff, but my online activities are very uncertain for the future.

    just wanted to explain.

    you guys are all cool.

    no hard feelings. ...
  3. wow, i can blog!

    i didn't even know i was able to blog yet.

    so, what shall i blog about. oh yeah! how about shemales!

    WHY do guys find it so funny to keep sending cell phone messages with hidden shemales?! i swear, i must have gotten a thousand different short videos with a hot girl in them only to find out that she is actually a he.


    where do they even FIND this stuff???

    why do they STILL find this funny? every time a get a video ...