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  1. Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike Map Pack Review

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ID:	574 It has been about a week now since the new map pack for the game “Call of Duty Black Ops” was released and it has sparked my interest in the game once again.

    I originally bought Black Ops when it came out and spent the first week afterward playing as much as possible in multiplayer with a slew of different geezers. Joining matches and fighting the timmy horde alongside new and old friends was such a blast than.

    After that first week ...
  2. Testing out Boxee

    So it has been a little while since I was able to start messing around with my ideas with setting up a home media theater system but I was finally able to get some testing done over the weekend.

    So I downloaded the boxee software to a small computer at work which was running windows xp pro. The computer I used for reference was an Asus eee box b202 which I borrowed from work to give this a try. At first boxee
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  3. Baby Steps

    so, as mentioned in my first blog post that my blogs will be about my quest to get a kick ass media center working.

    The other day i downloaded the free xbmc program for linux/ubuntu (ubuntu is great, i put it on my laptop with dual boot so i can do unbuntu or winxp and have been using ubuntu now all the time) onto an old computer at work here to see just what it was. very interesting is my first thoughts. because i loaded on to an older piece of crap computer it ran much slower than ...
  4. About CKWendel's Blog

    I have never done a blog before, but with this new feature on the site I figured I'd give it a shot. What I will be blogging about is my attempts to build a better home media center.

    let me explain a little first, when i say home media center i mean digital copys of movies and music that i own, or would like to stream from netflix or other websites. In the past I just used my old laptop with a vga cord to my tv. this works ok, but after a half hour tv show you have to get up and switch ...