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  1. No butts about it...

    First. Blog. Evar!

    So this has been bugging me for quite some time now, and I thought, "Where could I represent my grumpiness about a subject?" How about with some fellow Geezers.

    Question: why do smokers feel compelled to throw their butts on the ground/out car windows instead of putting them in a receptacle or ash tray?

    Seriously. You don't often see caffeine addicts just hap-hazardously throw an empty Coke can out the window. What gives? I've ...

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  2. DTH Member Spotlight Series, this week featuring DaCommi3

    We began the "Spotlight Series" just before the site switchover, being lazy I'm just getting around to starting things back up....

    The questions cover a wide range of everything from goofy questions to some more personal stuff that stays in our private forum to protect the privacy of those featured in the posts. Our first post here on the new site features two and half year GG member DaCommi3.

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  3. Soldier's Dream

    I dreamed kind Jesus fouled the big-gun gears;
    And caused a permanent stoppage in all bolts;
    And buckled with a smile Mausers and Colts;
    And rusted every bayonet with His tears.

    And there were no more bombs, of ours or Theirs,
    Not even an old flint-lock, not even a pikel.
    But God was vexed, and gave all power to Michael;
    And when I woke he'd seen to our repairs.
    2nd Lt, Wilfred Edward Salter Owen, 5th Bn. Manchester Regiment ...
  4. Rants from Dragon's Den - Volume 1, Issue # 1

    I have a confession to make, and it will come as a huge surprise to many of my friends in DTH and across GG ... I am not really an asshole to most people I interact with on a daily basis.

    However I do frequently play one on television, or to be more precise, when I'm playing video games ON a television. On XBox Live, I become a victim - nay, an accomplished practitioner - of Gaming Asshole Syndrome (GAS). It's the reason why I typically run AHOL as my clan tag. Here are some examples ...
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  5. Rants from Dragon's Den - Snow Alzheimers

    I'm not a doctor or a medical researcher, but I believe that I have stumbled upon the discovery of an entirely hertofore unknown strain of Alzheimers. Luckily, if you live someplace where the average winter temperature is above 32 degrees, you are likely not in any danger. Alas, if you're like me and you live in a cold climate, you and your loved ones are directly in the path of this awful, debilitating disease that affects thousands of people every year in late November and early December WHEN ...
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