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  1. Rants from Dragon's Den - The Tao of Bah Humbug

    Ever since I reached the age of enlightenment (i.e. 34 when I got married), I have truly believed that, religious connotations aside, Christmas is for two distinct and clearly defined groups of people: children; and adults who are searching for a partner / soul mate / person-who-makes-it-so-I-never-have-to-date-outside-my-species-again. What can I say, Iím an incurable romantic.

    This rant isnít about the religious aspects of Christmas or any other faithís holiday celebrations. ...

    When playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, someone asked me if it's worth upgrading to Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Here are the most notable differences:

    In BROTHERHOOD your detection meter starts at Incognito (+300 pts) and decreases as you run/climb/etc. to Silent (+200 pts) then Discreet (+50 pts). In REVELATIONS your detection meter is called your "approach meter" and it starts at Discreet (+150 pts) and you must build it up toward Silent (+200 pts) and Incognito ...
  3. Review: Lenovo U410 (Part 1)

    In the market for a mobile computing solution, I eschewed the tablet trend and went straight for the ultrabook. I needed a device that met both my productivity needs (i.e., a keyboard) but was also highly portable. For almost a day I was convinced I wanted that new Samsung chromebook, but ultimately I decided a browser-based O.S. was possibly too limiting. I really preferred a Windows 8 machine, and if it had the power to run Guild Wars 2 (my PC game of choice) without costing a lot, that would ...
  4. Cheap Ass Geezer: A Guide to Video Game Deals

    In an effort to save my fellow Geezers some money, I thought my first blog here at would be to give a some pointers on where to find the information on a daily basis. The old thread in What to Buy Next>Video Game Deals thread had over 1,300 replies with close to 57,000 page views - obviously our community likes to help each other get more game for your buck.

    Check back later as my future blogs will contain video game deals, trade in deals, holiday buying guides ...

    Updated 10-04-2010 at 02:55 PM by Maizrim

    Video Game Deals
  5. A Gamer's Wife

    When I considered what I would like as my first Blog entry, things jumbled when they came to mind. I can write articles already for GG.Com and put them on the front page. So, maybe what I write doesn't need ot be witty or game-related. Likely no one would even see my blog post anyway, so what did it matter? It hit me though, she's the reason, and she always has been...

    I've been a gamer since I can remember, and I think most of us have. However I can attest to numerous times ...
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