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  1. GIACast #17 - Transformers Fall of Cybertron

    It's been a while, because other project got on my way, but the program is back
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  2. So do you think the new DLC for L4D2 is easy?

  3. Forget MP, Give Me Awesome SP Experiences!

    Alas, I have grown tired of MP games. I have grown more annoyed with games that could have had much better SP campaigns but decided to tack on MP instead.

    Going online to play military shooters has evolved with playing against TIMMIES to playing with both TIMMIES and an older crowd who really believes they are in Favela somewhere and communicate with each other like they were part of a SEAL team. At this point I am unsure which is more grating on the nerves.

    Lately ...
  4. Ok, today it's official. I'm a geezer!

    Ok, today it's official. I'm a geezer! It's the big 30 for me today. Glad it's finally here.

    I've still never been pulled over, never been arrested, never went skydiving, I'm pretty sure I've done everything else at least once.
  5. DoggyPlay #8 - Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

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