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  1. The Witcher 2 (Combat, and YOU!)

    After I got past the Prologue, which is a little off-putting because of the amount of exposition and dense lore conveyed in an overabundance of cinematics, I've started to really enjoy The Witcher 2. I've arrived at the town of Flotsam and explored its surrounding forests. There are lots of side quests and fun character interactions. And I've finally gotten a handle on combat, which is challenging but rewarding. I thought I'd share some tips to make your journey in Temeria a more pleasant one—or, ...
  2. Fallout: New Vegas

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    Now that I have completed two of the major factional endings I figured it was time for me to put up a as-spolier-free-as-possible review of the game. Fallout 3 was a masterwork of a game. It had small glitches and bugs here and there but from start to finish it was one hell of a game I loved it so much I logged over 700 hours across 4 characters on the game and played through all of the DLC multiple times.

    Fallout: New Vegas had a lot to ...