• Lollipop Chainsaw Review

    My Lollipop Chainsaw Review.

    I never do this, never have really. But I feel this game needs to have something written up for it. First and foremost if you are not a fan of games like Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta or God of War stop reading now.

    Remember the word "style" as this game oozes it from every single pixel from start to finish. I have never, ever played a game this off the wall and that is done this well.

    For those that are still interested but are into deep storylines, yeah...you can stop reading now.

    Story doesn't matter here. However character interactions are top-notch. Even the way Juliet talks to Nick (her boyfriends severed head which she attaches to herself with a belt) during battle are both enganging and most of the time quite funny.

    The combat system is quite deep and you can upgrade Juliet throughout the game as far as health, strength, and many different combo attacks which you can purchase in the store. Each enemy and objects you can destroy leave behind gold coins which you can use to make purchases in the store.

    If you trigger a "Sparkle" and kill multiple zombies "with style" as well as boss zombies and mini boss zombies they leave behind bigger platinum coins. The gold coins can purchase health regen items, combos, permenant health bar increases etc. The platinum coins can purchase background music (that's right, I said background music) and costumes you unlock. There are something like 20 - 25 different costumes here, some of which are barely there

    Ok if you are still with me but dislike foul language, YOU can stop reading now. The language in this game pulls no punches and there is no way to censor it. Zombies yell such things as "Slut" "Bitch" and various other profanities at Juliet as she is kicking ass. Juliet also has a potty mouth as well as her boyfriend head, Nick. The first boss battle is truly jaw dropping in scope and various sequences but what truly stands out are the curses he yells into his microphone appear on screen in big letters that are then thrown at you like weapons.

    The game is all about stringing together combo's and achieving the highest score possible. Each stage "your father" has the high score which you set out to beat. There are also global leaderboards which you can compete in once you clear a stage. Once a stage is cleared it is now available for use to compete among the leaderboards.

    I can go on and on espcecially with the crazy mini games which lie within here such as putting Nick's head on headless zombies and making him move via QTE's to either remove an obstacle or assist Juliet in other ways. These sequences play crazy music with Juliet off to the side literally cheering him on which I have to be honest is quite distracting and is obviously done on purpose.

    When you trigger your special sparkle which turns the screen all blue at first it also starts up the most famous cheerleading song ever, "Mickey" which plays until your special meter runs out. Even when you enter the lollipop stands which are this games "stores" you are treated to the song "Lollipop" the entire time you are shopping. The game is also choc full of other songs from the 80's that play at certain points which I wont ruin.

    For ANYONE not into HAVING to play a game multiple times to do everything, unfortunately you can stop reading now. This game is designed to be played through from what I can gather at least 3 times. Once completed you don't have to play from start to finish but do your mop-up's with stage select. Also the game forces you to do some of the item finding on "Hard". Some items are only found on the normal setting and some items are only found on the "Hard" setting.

    I despise item finding in games because they seem to be simply thrown in, however here they reward you with new background music you can purchase for in game as well as costumes for Juliet's wardrobe.

    Overall I give this game a very solid 4 out of 5.
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    1. Lux Devil 67's Avatar
      Lux Devil 67 -
      Good luck tryin to beat Dad's score! I thought I did ok and actually got a lousy D+.
    1. SmackEmYakEm's Avatar
      SmackEmYakEm -
      I have Dad's score beat on all but 1 chapter.
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