• Join Spartan Company GeezerGamers!

    Clans have returned to Halo for the first time since Bungie hacked Xbox Live over 10 years ago. 343 Industries has launched Spartan Companies, and the GeezerGamers Company is live and active! Join the Company and prepare for the launch of Halo 5 later this month.

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    1. StratBlaster's Avatar
      StratBlaster -
      Reporting for duty, sir!
    1. CyberKnight's Avatar
      CyberKnight (admin) -
      You have two days to get your gear and prepare for launch, soldier!
    1. bwguinig's Avatar
      bwguinig -
      Looking for a new Spartan Company... old school (Halo 2) clan hasn't really taken to the Halo 5.