• Interested in the Fallout 4 DLC Season Pass? Buy now and save $20

    Bethesda has announced their plans for the Fallout 4 DLC, and it's much bigger than they first planned. The DLC packs are due out in March, April, and May, and are included in the Season Pass. However, because these packs are more expansive than originally planned, the cost of the Season Pass is going to go up from $30 to $50.

    The good news is, the price doesn't go up until March 1st, so you can still get it for $30. If you've already purchased it, or buy it in the next two weeks, you will get all three DLC packs. Wait until March, and you'll pay $20 more for the same content. (Without the Season Pass, the price of the three DLC packs totals to $60.)

    Click the link below to see details on the DLC packs and what they will contain (robots, trapping creatures Pokémon-style, and a whole new island to explore).

    via Windows Central