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  1. - Hey this is Pete's friend Gabe. Do you still want that trampoline or should I give it to Kim so her fat son can get some exercise? Haha
    + Hahaha. Give it to Kim for her fat son.
    - Kid needs like ten trampolines he's such a fatty fatty fat fat
    + You're too funny!
    - If he gets any fatter she'll need to rent a forklift to lift his fatty ass out the house
    + Forklift technology FTW!
    - Considering all he does is stay in the house and playing goddamn Halo all day PS you going to the BBQ at Neil's house next week?
    + No sadly we'll have to pass on the BBQ.
    - Hooooorrrrraaaaaayyyyy
    - I'll never tell
    + LOL, that was genius!!
    + And now I have your number but I promise to use it only for good.
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