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  1. Some more useless played Fallout 3...did you ever find the Fear Factory easter egg in the game?
  2. According to Wikipedia, you are 100% correct on both counts.
  3. I believe it was Billy Gould (I think he was bass).
  4. Who was in it from faith no more??? I'm totally psyched for fnm's reunion!
  5. I totally forgot Dino was in it! But I do remember it was guys from FNM and ND also and they dressed up like Mexican drug lords or something like that. Pretty brutal stuff.
  6. honestly, all i know of for sure was that dino cazares and ray herrera were in it. i'm not sure if they still are or not. the pseudo names totally threw me off.
  7. Correct me it I'm wrong, but they were a side project between Faith no more and Napalm death, were they not? My head is full of useless information...
  8. i actually got to see FF at the first ozzfest at giants stadium! WILD show!

    i don't think brujeria is up to anything anymore. i just wanted to make sure you've heard of them.
  9. I got to catch FF on their Mechanize tour with Prong (another fave it mine) last year. Awesome!!! Brujeria, I haven't heard anything out of them since the 90's. Are they still around?
  10. oh! i forgot i did that there!

    i like the new one better than mechanize. have you checked out brujeria?
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