Baby Steps

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so, as mentioned in my first blog post that my blogs will be about my quest to get a kick ass media center working.

The other day i downloaded the free xbmc program for linux/ubuntu (ubuntu is great, i put it on my laptop with dual boot so i can do unbuntu or winxp and have been using ubuntu now all the time) onto an old computer at work here to see just what it was. very interesting is my first thoughts. because i loaded on to an older piece of crap computer it ran much slower than it probally should but it did not crash. i think i might see about finding the version where it doesn't need ubuntu to run but is its own OS.

alot of nice customizations on the xbmc program. but it was a little difficult to navagaite at first, which means my wife will never catch on. I wish i had more time to mess with it but as of right now with work, home, helping building this wonderfull place it gets a little cramped for time. my next step will be to try out the boxxie? program that was mentioned in those links to see how that works.

I don't think im going to bother with the windows media center, i know from the past that its a HUGH pain in the butt to find free (oh what the hell are they called?)codexs to make videos play. plus wmc is such a resource hog.
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