Why are so many people hiding?

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We belong to a site filled with mature gamers. A site for like minded folk to play games together. Yet, I can't help but notice how many of us hide from each other by signing in "Offline" when we turn on our xbox. Why hide from mature gamers? They should be able to understand your reason for not joining your gaming session. I mean if you are hiding from someone because they are annoying then why are they on your friends list? If your hiding cause you want to play single player games that session then there is no reason to hide, just say so when the invites come in. A mature gamer will understand. WHATEVER the circumstance there is NO reason to hide from friends .

I think its time all of us go through our friends lists and ask ourselves if these people truly belong on it. If they are hiding from non GG member then I am not sure I want the hassle of experiencing that persons friend in one of my games. I think these problems are better policed with the "invite only" option on a party. You are not hiding just filtering who gets into the game. I have 2 non GG members on my friends list and they know to message me before trying to enter a game. You will never be able to play with 100 friends on a regular basis so why are they there. If you can manage to play with all 100 you either have no life or are in the gaming business.

I may be missing something here so your comments are welcome. I am curious as to why someone would would hide from folks they feel are friends by having them on your xbox friends list.

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  1. sully's Avatar
    Normally when in a 6 man team on a Timmy hunt we will all go “offline”. This is purely to stop wasting member’s time as they wait for a space to appear in the squad. It can be awkward for the seventh member who keeps getting placed on the other team having to shoot with the timmies against Geezers. If a space comes up then we will send out invites to fill the squad back up again.

    I’m one of those people who use the “offline” preference every now and again. Sometimes I don’t want to talk through a mic, whether it be personnel reasons or otherwise, I just want to run around and shoot people; (it’s a good stress reliever). Being a mature adult I can game with anybody I want too & that goes for a lot of people here, we’re not tied to our friends list. We all can understand that sometimes we all need a little personnel space.
  2. DeusExMathias's Avatar
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  3. GrnMtnDragon's Avatar
    GMan, I think Sully hit the nail on the head. I often go offline when I'm in a full group because I don't want to be distracted by incoming messages. If a space opens up, we usually send out an invite to someone on our FL's who looks like they're not partied up. What is also true for those of us who play CoD games is that we know there are a LOT of very talented Geezers out there and we'd much prefer to play against random Timmies who are always easier to lead to the slaughter.

    Your point of setting the XBL party's status to Invite Only is a good one, but of course it only applies when in an XBL party. But that doesn't address the concern of having a few talented Geezers jump in on the other side to cause problems. Also, there can occasionally be issues with being in an XBL party, so it might be necessary to stay in game chat.

    It's not a perfect system, but it works well enough and it's better than causing hard feelings by having to ask a fellow mature gamer to politely "go away" because the group would rather hunt Timmies than fellow Geezers.
  4. krazykop1299's Avatar
    I agree with what Dragon & Sully said. I had a major reminder tonight of why I don't play against a full geezer team. I had a game where I went like 4-18 playing a squad in Black Ops. I really think the away setting is the best way to let geezers know you have a full squad. It's no fun to pop into a game in progress with a friend, thinking you'll be able to get on their team, only to discover they don't have any room.

    Maybe someday Microsux will come up with a status that will allow your team to know you have a full group, so you won't have to use the away status
  5. drab_trousers's Avatar
    I only go offline early in the morning sometimes when I am "running late" to work (I have a co-worker on my friends list). Other than that, I am always online. Of course, I have around 25 friends so I am not inundated with game requests so I don't have the problems of those with 100 friends. On a side note, why does AAA Clam Gia's avatar look like Billy Ray Cyrus?
  6. BigSpike's Avatar
    I've instructed the boys when they're home to go "Offline" if they're playing on my account and they don't' recover their gamer tags. This is as much for the Geezers defense (FireMedic can attest to this) as it is theirs.

    My FL is about a 50/50 mix of Geezer and non-Geezer. For the most part, the groups mix fairly well but there are one or two non-Geezers that just rub the Geezers the wrong way until you get to know them. If I'm moving back-and-forth between groups, sometimes I'll offline when I probably should put away and that's a good point.

    "Running late to work": What a wonderful idea. I guess it'll have to do until I can figure how to get my XBox into the office.
  7. QUEEN's Avatar
    I hide all the time. I do it for many reasons. I have a full list and do play with them all at random times. I was a gamer before I was a geezer. Some friends I don't mind joining in, but some I do. It's more to protect the geezers from my loud and crazy friends. Not everybody can play together and get along. Sometimes I just don't want to deal with certain people. 9 out of 10 times if I am in a party I go offline. I don't really like being in party chat, but I do it. People who know me know to send me a message anyway just to see if I am on. These are just a few reasons but the list goes on. I love playing with all my friends and non-friends not sure they like me but whatever lol.