On the road with my new best friend

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So itís been a while since the last blog entry. Things are going well, donít miss working and have had an opportunity to travel to Arizona last week. Got to say that is one dry place.
In the Sedona area there is lots of scenery that is quite amazing and nothing that I have seen before. Spent a few days walking around on the hiking trails and looking at the amazing red rocks and cactus festooned terrain. The highlight was the Grand Canyon which is actually more amazing than the name suggests.
I am not one for crowds so thatís the reason for the trip so early in the year. It worked as there were not many people to share the sights of any place that I visited. Got real lucky with the weather too as it was sunny and warm(for me). That is one amazing stretch of countryside and I could not help but compare it to the area found in ďRed Dead RedemptionĒ. It looks like the video game was set in photos from this area. You got to go there it was an experience.
Since the trip was by air I landed in Phoenix Skyharbor which is one huge airport, especially since I live in village of about 1000 on an isolated island in the Pacific North west of Canada. There were more people in the baggage claim area in terminal 4, than those that live in my area.
I had a great time driving on the freeways, highways and interstates in Arizona due in no small part to Emily the new woman in my life. If Emily was not there I do not know how much fun I would have had, even my wife thought she was the greatest. Emily is the voice of my Garmin GPS and if I did not have her along I would have been a stressed out lunatic parked along the interstate. Best money I ever spent. Emily stopped all the lost feelings and stress that a road trip usually involves and I did not ever get in to a single argument with my wife over where are we, and how do we get to ????. So the final word is save your marriage and get a GPS before you take the family on a road trip. GPS technology is amazing and cheaper than therapy or a new wife.
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  1. Blickey's Avatar
    Nice post. I have yet to see the Grand Canyon but it is high on my list. Thanks for sharing.