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The last couple years have been a real bitch, to put it bluntly. In the last two years (so far), I've had two major back surgeries, a rumor removed, and have been hit by a car.\

Well, it looks like another back sugery, and going on final total retirement are on the horizon. I really think I'm actually going to listen to my body and hang it up. The only thing is I love to work, and hate to sit around, so thats going to suck, along with my back is getting more sore and stiff after I sit playing on the xbox, so, my time on xbl may be coming to an end.

I may be jumping the gun a little but, right now my back is killing me and trying to get myself ready to work a cover shift. The nice thing is it should be quiet, but, I refuse to say that out loud,n because as soon as I do all hell will break lose.

Oh well, I may be jumping the gun a little, I don't go see the surgeon until the 25th, but, to say I'm going to be depressed and stressed until then is an understatement.

Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky and they'll pump me full of more pain pills. Anything is better than being in the hospital for almost 3 weeks last year, and in the live in physical rehab place for a little over 2 weeks.
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  1. Warin's Avatar

    I cannot imagine going through what you are and NOT being depressed! Chronic physical pain is one of those things that so wears a person down that it is almost impossible to have a positive outlook about things.

    It would make me sad if you left XBL. I enjoy playing with you a lot. Have you looked into a more ergonomic seating arrangement to make the time you have to sit down a little less stressful on your body?
  2. rpmdds's Avatar
    Warin is right about sufferers of chronic pain, Krazy. Fortunately, there are options out there that you may get some benefit from- explore all of them, both traditional and non-trditional. Just don't give up, bud.

    And for crissakes, don't hang up the controller just yet! I know you'd miss the jackassery that is Geezer...