In memory of a fallen brother

Sad day.

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Today was a crappy day. It was the memorial for my friend and brother officer, Chris Kilkullen. Chris was an officer with the Eugene, Oregon police, and lost his life when he was shot by a woman with no criminal background. Of course, now she's claiming she's mentally ill, hoping to avoid the death penalty.

The memorial was fitting to a fallen hero, even if it would have embarassed him. The only time I cried was when the they did the last radio call, which went something like "Station 1 ti 1-Mary-18 (pause) Units stand by for roll call. 1-Mary-18 (pause) Attention units, 1-Mary-18 is secure, gone but not forgoton, rest in peace Chris, rest in piece.

May he never be forgotton Rest In piece brother, I miss you, and will never forget the time we went to your little sisters first middle school dance in uniform, and the bright red her face turned after we walked in & said we were looking for her...
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  1. Solstice01's Avatar
    May your friend and officer rest in peace. There is no sufficient amount of thanks that can be given for the job he did. He was a hero. My sincere condolences.
  2. zaygrr's Avatar
    My condolences, Krazy. Loosing our hero's is an unfair price. . .no matter what the outcome. Just remember they are looking down on you and smiling.
  3. Blickey's Avatar
    I am sorry to hear of the loss. Words can't express the gratitude and admiration for those that help and protect us. Prayers and thoughts to you and all those affected.
  4. Monarch's Avatar
    Seriously moving