Gears 3

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We got Gears 3 the minute it came out. I really mean minute, I was in line for the midnight release and bought two copies.

I like campaign, but it did not suck me in like one & two did. I am not sure why.

Horde has been fun. I like playing as a team, but I don't like bossy randoms, and I think if you lose on level 20, you might as well start all over again because there is just no coming back after that. Rotten goopers or whatever they are called...

Multi player sucks for me! I don't know the maps and I just can't seem to get a kill. Okay, there was that one kill that one time. Even geezer on geezer violence in private rooms isn't that great for me. I think I'll take a pass.

I LOVE beast mode!! Being a ticker is the most fun, but I like the other dudes too. If it is up to me, I think Iíll choose beast mode every time.

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  1. KAZUYA's Avatar
    We need to play some MP MOM , there is nothing that Tequila shots can't fix, even your aim :P