Geezer Gamers Spotlight - AddiCt3d 2CHa0s

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Welcome to our fourth GG Member Spotlight, where we take the best of the best, ignore why they are the best, reach back into the pool of members who by chance found their way to the survey, ask a few questions and boil it down to interesting responses (and sometimes creating our own answers because theirs are boring)!

Meet AddiCt3d 2CHa0s, self-proclaimed assist stealer extraordinaire and Halo diehard. Or you can just call her CHa0s. And get used to l33t-speak, 'cause that's how she rolls.

Getting to know you basics:

How did you find out about Geezer Gamers? One of the first shooters I became addicted to was Shadowrun. Back before I had a full friends list on LIVE I would shoot friend requests out to anyone who seemed friendly and a good team player. Ran into JCBains there and my son was totally freaking out about his gamerscore. His bio listed geezergamers.com so I went and checked it out for the first time.

What's the story behind your gamertag? Fairly new to the gaming scene, I decided to do a one-month trial for DSL from dial-up. My son was an active gamer, so we had Halo's one and two, which I had been logging in a great many hours on in campaign. Bought a one-month LIVE account to share and both of us enjoyed metal, so we chose the fitting name of Sw3aTiNgBuLLeTz - all other spellings were taken and I had no idea the grief I would receive for my "Timmy-tag". Of course I was hooked by the end of one month, son chose the tag and I picked another Megadeth title, AddiCt3d 2CHa0s. His best friend rocks Alm0st H0n3st, another Dave Mustaine creation.

Favorite single-player game? Multi-player game? XBL game? I love Halo, but Shadowrun rocked my socks off, too. Battlefield 2 is incredible. I logged in a ton of hours on Modern Warfare 2. I really enjoy the social experience, the "teammanship" of online gaming. If I had a ton of friends playing any game and really getting into the teamwork of the thing, I would probably play Battlefield 2 the most. That game is just freaking epic.

Let's play 20 Questions!

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Mondays I like cookies and cream. Tuesdays, definitely mint chocolate chip. Wednesdays I like me some strawberry cheesecake. Thursdays a fresh strawberry shake. Fridays, gotta have the cookie dough. I take the weekends off to keep my girlish figure.

What is your favorite quote? "That depends on what mood I'm in."

What was the last thing you regret buying? This stupid freakin' Sony DVD player. Why does the newer stuff take longer to get to the part of actually playing the movie?!? The damn thing has to boot up every time I turn it on. And then, my Sony mp3 player (total coincidence) won't even play on it right. Stupid.

If you had a chance to bring one person back from the dead, who would it be and why? Jesus. I have some questions I'd like to ask him.

What three things you regret not learning to do? I wish I had learned to use a 360 controller while my brain was still developing - damn those ungrateful timmies! But seriously, some day I'd like to learn to snorkel, fly a helicopter, and stunt drive Wait... I could really use some cooking lessons... you make it sound like "You are a geezer, your life is over, there will be no going back and learning of the lessons!" lol So I really have no regrets, just my bucket list.

If you had a crystal ball that could tell you the truth about any one thing you wished to know about yourself, life, the future, or anything else, what would you want to know? Um... why 32?

What is the most important invention or innovation that has happened during your life-time? I would have to say the internet. I mean, wow.

How would you spend your ideal day? Hanging on a tropical island populated with all of my favorite people from my entire life, including those online friends I've logged so many hours playing with. Surfing lessons, food and drink, massage - all would be free to all. The best part? It would be a Bill-Murray-Groundhog-Day! Of course there would be huge Xbox LIVE arcade right over there...

What three adjectives might other people use to describe your personality? Caring, honest, gregarious.

Who would you choose to be shipwrecked on a desert island with? Hey, I already answered this one!

If you were to be remembered for one thing, what would you like it to be? That people felt better when I was around

If you were guaranteed honest responses to any three questions, whom would you question, and what would you ask them? Wow, you're really making me think... Well, since only three questions would probably result in only more questions, and therefore cause more consternation, I guess would just not even bother asking. Wait! Can I change my answer? I would ask the three people who could best help me live my life to it's fullest what I would need to do for that to happen. Is that cheating?

Is there anything you would willingly give your life for? I don't think so. But I would definitely put my life in danger to help save another.

If you could re-live a day of your life again, which would it be and why? I don't really have any regrets. Everything that's happened in my life has brought me to who I am today. I kinda appreciate being me, am tripping out on this journey called life.

If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do? I would definitely f*** with people. All. Day. Long. That would be more fun with a friend. Or a group of friends! I'm thinking The Frighteners.

What is on your bedside table? Five to six books, including a Greg Bear novel. Pony-tail holders. Lotion. Alarm clock. Journal. Pens and paper to jot down midnight inventions, ideas and such.

What is your favorite cereal? Kashi GO Lean crunch. I sacrifice taste for muscle, but it's not so bad.

What is your dream job? I just want to build bikes and websites, baby. Bikes and websites. No seriously, my dream job would include traveling around the world and learning new stuff. They got a job like that?

What is your favorite TV show? I haven't watched tv in forever and a day. I've been watching teen romance comedies on Netflix, what's up with that?!?

What is your favorite movie? I would judge that by the feeling I had the first time I watched it. It's been a looong time since a movie has blown me away. Star Wars did it, way back when. Actually, Men in Black definitely caught me off guard. I loved Fifth Element. (Sci-fi much?)