Lux Devil 67

Friend Deletions

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i deleted almost everyone from my friends list recently. not because i have anything against anyone, but because i feel i'm just taking up space on everyone's list. i hardly ever play online and as a matter of fact, my gold membership runs out in a couple of weeks and i doubt i'll renew it. i'll still be here posting and stuff, but my online activities are very uncertain for the future.

just wanted to explain.

you guys are all cool.

no hard feelings.

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  1. Angel's Avatar
    I knew someone was missing! Thanks for clearing that up, you're still a friend & always welcome to join if you're on and looking for a game.
  2. Lux Devil 67's Avatar
    see? no one even noticed!

    i suck.
  3. Monarch's Avatar
    Hey you, what don't I count? Stop playing Dark Souls and join in a game. If you don't renew, I will haunt you!