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When playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, someone asked me if it's worth upgrading to Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Here are the most notable differences:

In BROTHERHOOD your detection meter starts at Incognito (+300 pts) and decreases as you run/climb/etc. to Silent (+200 pts) then Discreet (+50 pts). In REVELATIONS your detection meter is called your "approach meter" and it starts at Discreet (+150 pts) and you must build it up toward Silent (+200 pts) and Incognito (+300 pts) through stealthy actions, such as walking slowly behind your target, blending in and out of groups. This is to encourage players to be more of a ground stalker and less of a rooftop runner. A perk of this new system: if you're killed by pursuers by running into them or spawning next to them they won't receive the highest scores because they haven't taken the time to build up their approach meters.

Stunning is easier in REVELATIONS, I think based in part with how everyone starts at Discreet and it's very easy to slip into a higher profile. The "B" button will flash above your pursuer's head making it quite easy to stun them. However, you can no longer mash "B" as in BROTHEROOD because now you'll stun civilians, leaving yourself exposed. While a *clean* stun is still only attainable when your pursuer has his back toward you (or you're disguised, or they've been smoked) you can now stun head-on. You will receive an Honorable Death (+100 pts) and your pursuer a Contested Kill (+100 pts). So, stunning head-on is something of a draw. You die, but get SOME points. Your pursuer gets the kill, but far fewer than he hoped. Also, this leaves your pursuer temporarily dazed.

If you're playing a team-based mode, you can get a Revive (+50 pts) bonus for helping up a stunned teammate. Other new bonuses include Ground Finish (+50 pts - "perform a finish move on your target after your target has been killed by another player"), Execution (+100 - "use the hidden gun to kill a running target"), and several new escape bonuses: Out of Sight (+150 pts), Hidden (+200 pts) and Brutal (+200 pts - "stun a pursuer to escape").

New players now start with two default profile sets (in BROTHERHOOD new player started with *nothing*) and earn Abstergo Credits, which are spent on unlocking custom profile sets, new abilities, "crafting" abilities (improving their recharge/range/etc.), and customizing things like a character's appearance/weapons or the player's own profile picture/title. You still have to level up to unlock certain things, but the new currency system lets you prioritize to a small degree.

Naturally, REVELATIONS introduces some new abilities: Tripwire Bomb ("once armed, the tripwire bomb explodes when a target or pursuer steps on it"), Closure ("trigger all the chase breakers around you"), Bodyguard ("create a lookalike who will stun the pursuer closest to you"), and Teleport ("instantly change your location on the map"). Smoke bombs and fire crackers can now be thrown (hold the LB/RB and you'll see the adjustable "arc'), allowing these abilities to be used more aggressively. You spend Abstergo Credits to improve abilities (called "crafting") where in BROTHERHOOD you improved them by completing challenges.

And there are new perks, like Sentry ("increases the out-of-sight duration of your lock"), Easy Chase Breaker ("automatically opens a recently closed chase breaker when you approach"), Animus Hack ("when the streak counter reaches X, the animus hack enables yo to kill whomever you want from a distance"), and Revelation ("reveals all pursuers in your sight until you perform a kill--occurs after 5 deaths or stuns in a row").

You can taunt other players.

Execution animations vary depending on whether you're in high profile or not. The more silent you are, the less impressive the animation. If you're high profile, you get a cool animation, but you're very obvious to other players.

Many minor, but appreciated improvements to the U.I.. For example, in Manhunt, the team scores are shown at the top of the screen so there's no need to press Select to bring up the score display. Also, when you die or are stunned and want to change your profile sets, you can scroll through them without "exiting" to a menu screen (like in BROTHERHOOD). It's more seamless, and lets you get back into the action quicker. The game will always display the number of your pursuers (in the form of red triangles) on your HUD. There is more information and customization to be found in the "Data Hub" overlay (pressing LB after pressing Start). Etcetera.

Eight new maps and seven maps from BROTHERHOOD. (The only maps from BROTHERHOOD that have not returned as of yet are Forli, Monteriggioni, Pienza and Alhambra.) The game introduces map/mode voting so if you are in a team-based playlist you can vote between (this is an example--) Manhunt on Souk, Artifact Assault on Antioch or Chest Capture on Rome.

New modes include Deathmatch (no compass, no chases, no duplicates), Simple Deathmatch (no abilities), Steal the Artifact ("steal an artifact and keep it as long as possible"), Corruption ("when corrupted, find and kill targets to corrupt them--when uncorrupted, hide and survive as long as possible"), and Artifact Assault ("work together to steal the other team's artifact and carry it back to your base"). Returning modes include Wanted, Manhunt, Assassinate, Chest Capture and Escort. Almost no one played Assassinate and Escort in BROTHERHOOD, because they were part of a paid DLC, so they may as well be considered new too.

Three Accolades are awarded at the end of every match. These go to players who did something exemplary during the round, such as the highest scoring kill, the most kills without being stunned, the most Focus bonuses, etc. REVELATIONS also introduces Dares, which are basically notifications that say something like "You surpassed your friend's score of *number here* on *whatever mode*."

Overall, I think REVELATIONS is an improvement in almost every respect. The only two things I don't like: It's a bit TOO easy to stun, and character models (especially the females) are less interesting and distinctive than those in BROTHERHOOD. The Bombardier, Vizier, and Deacon don't hold a candle to BROTHERHOOD's Engineer, Blacksmith and Priest.
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    Great write-up!
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    Thanks Sheriff. I'll wait for AC3
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    Edit: I just bought Revelations for $19,99 on Best Buy
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    Really well done!