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Am i burnt out, or just getting old?

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For whatever reason, games just don't interest me the way they used to.
Years ago I'd be all over E3. I'd be waiting for my new OXM and Gameinformer magazines and would read them cover to cover. I'd keep track of games I was interested in and have them pre-ordered for me to pick up on release date.
I got tired of the fanboyish style of OXM and cancelled it. I got tired of paying $60 for what I felt was a $40 game. I got tired of paying for dlc that the developer wanted to be free but MS made them charge. I got tired of incomplete games getting pushed on is and then having to wait for a patch. I got tired of games being developed according to the company's business decision and not the dev's vision. I could go on, but I believe you see my point.
I started to not play some games I bought. I'd either give them to my kid or play them a little and just trade them in. Some are still in the cellophane and I've even traded some in without ever having taken it out of the cellophane. I still get Gameinformer, but now I pass off to my kid without me reading it.
Nowadays, I hardly ever buy a new game. I wait for them to go down in price. I don't follow the development of any game. I don't finish a lot of games. I never even finished gears 3, nor do I even care much about it. I didn't renew my xbox gold acct. I'm not interested in multiplayer much anymore, and I really have no one to play with even if I were. I have no idea what happened at this last E3 and don't care. And I have zero interest in the next gen consoles.
On the plus side, I've been able to get more involved with my music and my outdoor hobbies.

So there you go.

Good or bad?
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  1. Blickey's Avatar
    It is just the natural ebb and flow of things. My interest in gaming certainly have evolved over the years and I certainly don't crave online gaming like I used to. I have found that my tastes have changed and have appreciated some new games that I would have never tried before.

    I wouldn't sweat the changes. Maybe you will be interested again or maybe you won't. The real important thing is that you are enjoying things like your music and outdoor stuff. Finding true enjoyment is what is important.
  2. Lux Devil 67's Avatar
    blick, yep. it's not like i'm just tired of games, and not doing anything else to take up my time.

    i still like having my friends on my list to say hello to or whatever, even though i'm not playing online right now. but i usually delete them because i feel like i'm just taking space up on their list. plus, i'll feel bad if they delete me FIRST!
  3. TXI Dirty Ol JB's Avatar
    I understand your position completely and I have been there myself. My situation is a bit different because of the gaming community in which I belong. It started off me just being one of the guys but over the years it's evolved in to more of a mentor situation and status. Playing with a much younger crowd does have it's downfalls but there's also that unexpected benefit of helping these young folks with other aspects of their life. I have to admit that often times we feed off each other when I start getting that "I'm too old for this BS" feeling. Maybe a change of venue and gaming crowd is all you need to get that gaming spark back.
  4. Lux Devil 67's Avatar
    I can't really change my gaming crowd since I have no gaming crowd to begin with! And I usually avoid kids like the plague. If I still found games as interesting as I used to, I might try a little harder to make time. But I usually use my spare time now to do something I like better.
  5. TXI Dirty Ol JB's Avatar
    Understood. If the urge does ever hit you feel free to message me and I gladly spot a game or two with you.
  6. Rich_H's Avatar
    My interest in gaming has drastically dropped off. Haven't even played Halo Anniversary even though I had it on day one. I used to have a great deal of fun playing with my twin boys but they have gotten to the point where they really kick my butt. One of them got very serious about competitive play, so much so that it was overtaking other activities. He was damn good so I'm kinda proud of that but I have nearly eliminated video games from the house because both boys were becoming too dependent upon them for filling their entertainment needs.

    I think the effect it has had on taking over my boys has made video games less interesting for me.

    Tomorrow is the last day of school so I hope to play a bit with them soon. However, as soon as it becomes a "need" I will heavily restrict it again.
  7. Lux Devil 67's Avatar
    TXI, thanks. When I hit mp again, i'll totally hit you up.

    Rich, same deal here. Lollipop Chainsaw and Max Payne 3 have me playing a bit again, but its still just a bit at night. I'd rather be at the beach with the family than playing videogames.
  8. Golden Thrasher's Avatar
    I think it happens to all of us. Once in awhile I will go for a week or two and just dont feel like touching a controller. But like the best addictions it always comes back to me. Sometimes it take just the right game to get me out of my funk, like a mass effect, or Castlevania lords of shadow or something. I think it revolves around getting burned out gaming in general. But I could never stay mad at my first love.