The Secret World: Illuminati, Templars, and Dragons, Oh My!

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A brief look at Funcom's forthcoming MMORPG, The Secret World. I start as a Templar and poke around London a bit before taking an underground portal to the town of Kingsmouth, Maine. (I can confirm it is Maine--when recording the commentary, I wasn't certain.) While I didn't find The Secret World to be that exciting to play, I thought the environments were quite nifty and I liked that it was a game trying to be DIFFERENT. Except it was different in premise and aesthetics, notsomuch when it comes to combat and questing. In terms of gameplay, it's fairly derivative. I hope that The Secret World succeeds, though. We need more developers to take risks, not to just make the next high-fantasy concept MMO. (BTW, did you notice "Lovecraft Lane" on the Kingsmouth map at the end of the video? Nice touch.)
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