Ok, today it's official. I'm a geezer!

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Ok, today it's official. I'm a geezer! It's the big 30 for me today. Glad it's finally here.

I've still never been pulled over, never been arrested, never went skydiving, I'm pretty sure I've done everything else at least once.
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  1. KAZUYA's Avatar
    happy Bday
  2. MidnightGhostGF's Avatar
    First happy birthday, second, from someone half a year away from 40 and feeling older, give me a break with the "I'm 30 so I'm Geezer talk"....
  3. Volkie's Avatar
    Welcome to the club! I just hit 40 in January, Angel, so not sure what that makes me (senior Geezer?)
  4. D Eye's Avatar
    Then I recommend you strap on a skydiving outfit, have a bunch of drinks at a bar beside an airport and steal the plane so you can fly it yourself. Then once your in the air, jump out of the plane and land beside your car and drive off until the cops pull you over. That way you can accomplish all of the above in about an hour. The bar comes into play so you can get all the liquid courage you need. I think I just described a mission out a GTA game.

    Oh, and happy birthday.
  5. Swervingtaras's Avatar
    Happy Birthday!
  6. GrimJack352's Avatar
    Happy Birthday! You guys are all youngsters, sez the old fogey that hit the 40 mark last year...I prefer to think of it as "leveling up"...
  7. Lux Devil 67's Avatar
    Happy belated Birthday!!! i'm guessing you're implying by saying that you've done everything else, that mud wrestling was involved somehow?

    y`all need to be quiet, i'm forty-friggin-four!
  8. SmackEmYakEm's Avatar
    Happy Birthday and congrats!
  9. Skye1017's Avatar
    Happy birthday (a couple of days late, yikes, sorry!), Angel!!
  10. Angel's Avatar
    Thank you all so much!
  11. Lux Devil 67's Avatar
    she didn't deny the mud wrestling!