Forget MP, Give Me Awesome SP Experiences!

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Alas, I have grown tired of MP games. I have grown more annoyed with games that could have had much better SP campaigns but decided to tack on MP instead.

Going online to play military shooters has evolved with playing against TIMMIES to playing with both TIMMIES and an older crowd who really believes they are in Favela somewhere and communicate with each other like they were part of a SEAL team. At this point I am unsure which is more grating on the nerves.

Lately for me it is more enjoyable to power up my 360 and hop right into a game of Lollipop Chainsaw and simply play. No annoying TIMMIES, no annoying players demanding cover fire because they want to get from point A to point B.

How about, no I won't because I'M PLAYING A F*CKING GAME!!!! Sure I play within the confines of what the game is about but I don't sit on my couch thinking I'm really in the service and behave like a shell shocked douchebag shouting commands into a mic.

So let me digress. Perhaps I am singling out all MP games and I really shouldn't as I have been playing games with complete randoms as of late and I have been having a great time. Games such as Split Second, Gears 3, and Max Payne 3 to name a few.

Much different online community with these games. Split Second is just outright fun with no matter who is in a room. Gears 3 has become more of a hangout with complete randoms having a good time than what used to be an aggrivating assault of trash talking baffoonery, and Max Payne 3 is just the same.

However, lately most times I just want to sit and play all by my lonesome and it seems as though the art of a great single player game is lost these days, minus the larger RPG-type games.

I am really looking forward to Darksiders 2 and the new Assassins Creed...and of course Madden, because our Geezer League is awesome

Also looking forward to the new Need for Speed which looks incredible!

I would love a new Kameo, Conker, or Banjo (but MS killed Rare and now they are forced to make Kinect shovelware.).
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  1. Blickey's Avatar
    I go back and forth with my desire to play MP games. I tend to play a lot of MP games by myself and go directly to the team deathmatch mode simply because I don't have to deal with the folks you described. You are right, we are not weapons or tactical experts. I don't want to try and behave that way. I don't mind good teamwork but some people take it so seriously. Chances are I just changed my son's diaper and I stubbed my toe trying to sit down to play. I have to admit, though, I have been enjoying Ghost Recon recently. It just seems like everyone is working towards the goal without even talking.

    I think I tend to stray towards the smaller titles simply because you don't get the diehard fans that take it too seriously. Max Payne has been fun and I really enjoy Gotham City Impostors a lot. I have also spent quite a bit of time finishing up Dead Island(which I really liked) and am currently close to the end of Mass Effect 3. I have Fallout:Vegas up next and am going to get Skyrim at some point.

    Some of the best gaming times I have had was during Halo 2. I ran team slayer everyday with the same crew and that was a ton of fun. In fact, I was addicted at some point which has never happened in any other game. I just don't have the time or desire to dedicate myself to any game like that anymore. As a result, I just can't hold my own like I used to. I also have three kids now and get the evil eye from the wife if try and sneak down to my den before 10PM. At that point, I rarely like getting into MP matches.

    Sorry for the rambling...In other words, I feel what you are saying.
  2. Lux Devil 67's Avatar
    i totally hear you! i dunno how many times i went to play the old ghost recons or whatever else war games and guys start yelling military terms at me. they nearly have aneurisms when i tell them to shut up and speak english.

    what i don't like is how so many games are being designed for more than 1 player nowadays. especially when you're STUCK with AI teammates Like RE5, Operation Raccoon City, and L4D. at LEAST give them decent AI.

    i like playing the occasional mp match, but even that hasn't been often enough to motivate me to renew my gold acct.
  3. KAZUYA's Avatar
    It's all about preferences. I'm more like a social guy so SP bore me to death. There are not many SP games that I have enjoyed from beginning to end (Dante's Inferno, Dead Island, Dead Space... that's about it).
    Unfortunately the Xbox Live community is annoying and diverse, compared with the PC audience. In PC gaming, servers are more restricted to access. For example there are tactical servers for Black Ops on PC, if you don't play like a team and try to do "COD style" you are out. Same in Left 4 Dead 2,Team Fortress 2 and a bunch of games . Unfortunately Xbox does not give you the option to choose where to play and with who. You are stuck with what is there.

    IMO, MP it's what makes gaming so awesome and sooner or later MMO games are going to dominate the business.
  4. Angel's Avatar
    I know what you mean Yak! I'm looking forward to some nice & quiet Boarderlands this September. No timmies, no teammate expectations, just vegging out playing a game I love.
  5. SmackEmYakEm's Avatar
    That's exactly it. Don't get me wrong, I do love me some MP games but the games that cater to that great single player experience are lacking.

    I like being able to boot up and jump right into a game and play by myself (not with myself, big difference).

    I like my MP experience at this point to just jump into random games, no mic, and play. Thankfully with the games I listed above that is easy to achieve.
  6. Snuffy's Avatar
    I'm with you! Being 52 years old, I know my limitations. I get into MP less and less the older I get. I wish the designers would focus one FPS game on SP. I am looking forward to Borderlands 2. I also never use a mic, I am too old and slow to be able to compete with the younger crowd.....I do like to get in there every so often and see how I can pull my team down!
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  7. Lux Devil 67's Avatar
    i wasn't crazy about borderlands because you can play it solo, but it seemed to be more focused on 4-player.
  8. Vainwh3005's Avatar
    Seeing how Ive only had my gold account for 2yrs now its all kinda new to me. Me and the boy's would play split screen till they started to learn the maps and screen watch as we called it and I never had a chance from that point on lol. I do agree to a certain point that gaming with the Timmies sucks and the hardcore guys are just as bad sometimes. I cant remember the maps let alone where to go on them so I just mute whoever gets pissed at me and let it ride. I personaly would rather private match any game I'm playin with friends but thats not always an option. At some point I just had to let it all go and just have fun with the friends I was playin with I know suck I and proud of it
    Updated 07-23-2012 at 11:34 PM by Vainwh3005
  9. SmackEmYakEm's Avatar
    I think there are quite a few games where the single player has gotten gimped because they felt the need to tack on a MP portion of the game.

    I think Achievements ruin the MP of games as well, especially silly ones where its get a certain amount of kills with a certain weapon. Achievements a horrible idea to put in any MP aspect of a game because there are people out there who play just to get acheivements.

    Leveling up is one thing because it's inevitable but to put achievements in MP other than that is just stupid.
  10. Vainwh3005's Avatar
    Achievement's to me are like Baazooka Joe bubble. Tastes great for few minutes but after that I just wanna spit it out.
  11. Lux Devil 67's Avatar
    Personally, I wish achvs would be done away with totally. I'm guilty of this as well, but it IS stupid having to kill something with a certain weapon just for the sake of an achv.

    Vain: WHAT???
  12. Vainwh3005's Avatar
    Sorry Lux sounded good in my head. Wont happen again
  13. Lux Devil 67's Avatar
    See that it doesn't, I'm confused enough!