Microsoft Store canceled my preorder & screwed me out of incentives

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(see comments; it's getting fixed)

The Microsoft Store online was having a special. For certain pre-ordered games, you could get a coupon code for $10 off on your next purchase, plus 1600 Microsoft Points ($20 worth). There was a game going for $30 that I thought might be a nice one for one of my boys, and with the bonuses for pre-ordering, that was like getting a free game! Seemed like a great deal to me. It was a Friday, and the game was to be released the following Monday, so I placed my order. The website told me my order was successful, and I put it to the back of my mind.

Towards the end of the next week, I realized the game had not arrived yet. They didn't say anything about "release day delivery", so I didn't expect it on Monday, but I thought for sure it would've arrived that week. I logged on to the Microsoft Store and checked the order. Oddly enough, it still said "In Process". So I decided to call their support line to find out what was up.

Read the rest of the story on my blog.

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  1. CyberKnight's Avatar
    Ok, it took a while, but they're fixing it.
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