The Timmy and the Objective Game

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I've been playing a lot of Bad Company 2 lately. Since I've not managed to find any of my geezer friends playing it, I am playing a lot of it in random groups.

And thus the intense desire to throw my controller at things in about 80% of games.

I like Squad Deathmatch. It is so much fun to just run around and kill things. But for some reason, it really doesnt reward one with a lot of points. That's left to the larger team gametypes, such as my favourite Bad Company 2 gametype, Rush. However, my love of this mode is tempered by a great deal of frustration and aggravation at the Timmies I always seem to get on my team. They play it like it is team deathmatch.

On the odd occasion when I do get a good team, I've discovered how easy it is to roll over the deathmatch playing timmies on the other team, both on offense and defense. And I have a lot of fun. But 90% of the time, I am on a team that refuses to do anything but tuck into a corner somewhere and snipe, or fly the helicopter in endless circles.

What is the point of playing in an objective based game if you are not going to try to win the game? It is so frustrating to lose when 4 players are sniping from the back of the map and refuse to push to the objective to either destroy or save the damn thing!

And if you dare to mention this to your squad, all you seem to get is curses and disparaging comments about your mother. I've gotten to the point where I no longer wear my headset when playing the game.

And it does go beyond Bad Company 2. I've had the same experiences in any objective based games... but not to the extent that I have on BC2.

It's enough to make me want to pull my hair out!


  1. Fid's Avatar
    I haven't played any BC2 since Reach dropped but I would love to get in some matches. I'll shoot you a friend request and maybe help you explode some crates.