The Heylow

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Yesterday was the worst day of Halo, statistically speaking, I've had - ever. This includes all previous Halo games. Reach has me so frustrated, I'm not sure if I want to throw my controller or grind it out until I understand how it is supposed to work. I read somewhere that you should play just like you did in Halo 2. As if I can remember that. I'm old.
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  1. Gagnon 30's Avatar
    I love, but suck at Halo.. I am probab ly worse than youi.. in fact we can have a contest to see you sucks more.. a 'Suck Off'.... er no wait.. thats not the right image.. ;)

    Add me to your FL or drop me a PM in the GG Forum, I am progressing alright in Reach, albeit riding the coataails of my gaming partner, my 7 year old son who is pretty good at the game.