DTH Member Spotlight Series, this week featuring DaCommi3

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We began the "Spotlight Series" just before the site switchover, being lazy I'm just getting around to starting things back up....

The questions cover a wide range of everything from goofy questions to some more personal stuff that stays in our private forum to protect the privacy of those featured in the posts. Our first post here on the new site features two and half year GG member DaCommi3.

What's the story behind your gamertag?

It came about from my tastes in many things varying wildly from a group consensus of the friends i used to hang around. Examples include; I abhor cheesecake, will not eat sour cream on mexican food, am not a huge sports fan (although it is starting to take now), have an eclectic taste in music etc. etc. These would usually incite the cry of "Communist!" from at least one or two friends, which later evolved into DaCommie (when i signed up for LIVE, the previous spelling was taken hence the "3" as a backwards "E")

What do you do when you're not playing games?

Usually I like to read and watch TV. The girlfriend and I usually have a "date night" once or twice a week where we go out and see movies or to other events. Other activities that I love but cannot find time or money for include: Golfing, Fishing, Hunting, Bike riding, Four Wheeler and Dirt Bike riding.

What's the worst or weirdest job you've ever had?

Worst job I ever had was the one before this, where I was a security guard. It was cool when I first started, but slowly evolved into being something akin to a door-greeter at Wal-Mart. Imagine trying to stand in the same place for 8 hours with nothing to but stare at a doorway. Ugh, I hated it sooooo much.

As far as "weird" jobs go, the one I have now kinda qualifies, as in the space of one week I may play: Courier, Forklift Operator, Mechanic, Customer Service Technician, Groundskeeper, Shipping/Recieving Clerk, Chauffeur, and maybe a few others in the span of a 40 hour work week. Ah, the joy of being the last of the few dependable people working for my company.

How long have you been on Xbox LIVE?

Right around 3 years. I originally got LIVE when I purchased Halo 3 a week or two after launch.

What is your favorite single player Xbox game?

Right now, it's a toss up between Alan Wake (very atmospheric) and Fallout 3 (I have been addicted to the series since the first game on PC)

What do you consider your most memorable gaming experience?

Three Way Tie: It's either my first few rounds of Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic (when they were both mods for Half-Life), Playing Zaxxon on my parents Commodore 64, or Playing Bomb Squad on the Intellevision with my Aunt Melinda.

What was your first gaming platform?

The Original Game Boy that I begged and begged my parents to buy me for Christmas in 1990

How close is your avatar on Xbox to what you really look like?

Depends on the mood I'm in. It's usually based on some physical attributes, but hey, I like to have fun with it!

Beer, liquor, wine, or something else?

Beer usually. (Guinness is my fave) My Dad's retirement baby is his vineyard (which at last count is bordering on 600 vines), so yeah, i've grown to be a little of an oenophile myself.

What's your favorite TV show?

Currently ( and hopefully for quite a while) is Sons of Anarchy. I cannot keep a schedule to save my life, but this has been one show that I have watched religiously for two seasons. Yeah, it's that good.

What is the last book you read or book you're reading now?

Right now I am about halfway through Stephen King's "Under the Dome". Really quite good.

Are you a beach, country or city person?

I grew up in the country, so I absolutely love it there. I however have become a bit more acclimated to city living, so that answer may change in a few years.

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