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Whoever thought including the Drop Shield Armor Ability in Stockpile games should be slapped in the back of the head.

Reach just feels so slow and campy compared to the previous games. Moving on, I really want to like Reach. I really do. It's Halo...sort of. I need to say something positive about it. Some of the assassination animations are rather satisfying. While it doesn't make up for some of the other issues I have with it, I do enjoy stabbing an unsuspecting opponent in the neck on occasion. Or a good "Yoink!" medal too. Sorry guys. I can't help but go for head shots.
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  1. Ozman51's Avatar
    Armor Lock is killing the game for a lot of people. It is one of my big complaints as well but it won't drive me away from the game completely either.
  2. Dr Zork's Avatar
    They've removed Drop Shield from some of the objective gametypes. It should probably be pulled from all objective types. It is a "We Win" button for a competent team.

    I love Armor Lock, it's my favorite Team Slayer ability right now. It's a chuckle-worthy response to players you've stickied and are trying to go kamikaze on you.