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I have never done a blog before, but with this new feature on the site I figured I'd give it a shot. What I will be blogging about is my attempts to build a better home media center.

let me explain a little first, when i say home media center i mean digital copys of movies and music that i own, or would like to stream from netflix or other websites. In the past I just used my old laptop with a vga cord to my tv. this works ok, but after a half hour tv show you have to get up and switch to the next show, like the olden days of tv's before tv remotes. plus this always confused my wife. she is not very tech oriented as myself so she has not been able to watch shows unless they where on netflix.

My Goal than is to get a small out of the way computer and set up some software and settings to stream and run my movies. I already have ideas on what I want to do but just haven't found the time yet since i have been so busy at work with our summer season(I work at an amusement park in wisconsin so the summer is our peak time).

I have kept my eyes open over these past couple of months and have found a couple of articles that i have booked marked to be read later about doing what i want to do. those are the links at the end of this blog.

so hopefully i will get some time soon and read over the links and get started on my project soon.
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  1. Furgus's Avatar
    I am buying/building a HTPC in Dec. Dropping DirecTV and going HTPC and OTA. Thanks for these link, they'll help.
  2. EmptyBag's Avatar
    Right now I have a mac mini running Boxee and loving it. I'm looking into the D-link setop for Boxee in the fall so it's a little more wife friendly.