Testing out Boxee

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So it has been a little while since I was able to start messing around with my ideas with setting up a home media theater system but I was finally able to get some testing done over the weekend.

So I downloaded the boxee software to a small computer at work which was running windows xp pro. The computer I used for reference was an Asus eee box b202 which I borrowed from work to give this a try. At first boxee did not want to run, I had to do some software updates first. Once I got the updates working I tried it out on the network connection at work and found that it ran slow and figured it was because of all the bandwidth that was in use. So I took it home, hooked it up and gave it a shot. As soon as I clicked on a show to watch the system froze up. So that answered my question about being able to use this computer, it just didn’t have the power to do it.

Next I tried boxee on my little netbook for sh*ts and giggles. I was a little worried because it was a netbook but it had been running the abc web stuff without problems. I had just updated the OS to Ubuntu 10.10 (a Linux operating system) and then installed boxee onto it. I had to do one minor tweak to get boxee working because I was doing this on the same day that the new OS came out, but it was much easier to get running on this OS than it was on windows. I hooked it up, searched for the same show I tried before with the pc from work and it worked.

Next I started to play with the software of boxee and found it very simple and easy to use. I was getting right to any show that I wanted to watch very quickly, much faster than I had been with just using a web browser. And I didn’t have to get up and click full screen after a commercial played like I do when watching in a web browser which is very nice. I found that the add this show feature nice (in which once you found a show you could add it to a list of shows you like which made finding it even more quicker to navigate to.) and the add to queue which is wonderful (if it works like it should when I go home tonight some of the new episodes should already be in my queue waiting for me to watch them, no more trying to remember if I watch that episode or not.)

I than tried some of my saved shows I have collected over the years (don’t ask). They are in all sorts of different codex and formats and usually a pain to get working. But with the boxee software they loaded right up with no problems.

I have been very impressed so far with the boxee software. I do have a little grip is that it doesn’t play Netflix… but that is because I am running a Linux system and Netflix doesn’t run on Linux. Otherwise I am glad I gave it a shot. So glad that I am thinking of picking up the boxee box that dlink is making from amazon.
boxee box by d-link (Amazon)

My next step will be to try the boxee software on my little netbook, but using windows xp pro instead of Ubuntu to see how well it runs on xp(I have my netbook set up for dual boot since I am still new to a Linux OS).

Till next time.
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