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Now, before anyone takes this entry the wrong way and gets all sorts of butt hurt, I am not ghost writing about any one individual here. A good number of people, Geezer and not, are doing this.

In playing Reach one of the great things that has been a part of the Halo multiplayer experience for some time is the in-game listing of friends to enable you to build a party and go forth and frag together. However up until Reach something had never really happened to me before and now it is happening a lot. The Drive By Invite.

I don't know if its because as a community we are hell bent of giving the appearance of politeness or being inclusive or just that some people just don't realize how rude it actually is but when you invite someone to you party to play with you you should, oh I don't know, wait more than 15 seconds before jumping into a game. Believe it or not when I am online and other's aren't I *gasp* go play with the timmies. Few things are more annoying that being in a game to 50, needing three to win getting an invite to join a Reach party from someone and then less than 2 minutes later that person, along with their party has already found, matched and is in their own game.

So why did you invite me to your party in the first place? If it's to make sure I feel included, please save my Xbox Live inbox the spam.

Not trying to rant here but it is happening too much. If you invite me to your game, have the common courty to wait for me. Give it a civil amount of time like maybe two minutes. Check to see where my game progress is. If my game is to 50 and the leading score is 7 and you want to get started in the next 2 minutes then don't send the invite as I am likely not going to get those 43 kills in 120 seconds.

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  1. sithlord77's Avatar
    If you were on my friends list id be sure to comply. its kind of a standing system around here that games are first come first served so if i am in a geezer room and we get an opening i send invites to all the geezers on my list. Usually those who don't get in don't get butt hurt because they know another spot will open up eventually. You can always check your friends list to see if the person whos invite your about to take is still in the lobby or is in a game.

  2. BadDad71's Avatar
    I agree whole heartedly on this. I for one will send an invite and not check what they are doing, other then they are in Reach. However....I then will check to see where in the game they are or even if they are in any game and not just sitting in the lobby. Halo has always had the best lobby and nothing bugs me more when people don't use it to their advantage.
  3. Ozman51's Avatar
    Thanks for the read. Sith if we played games together I'm sure you'd be on my friends list. Hell I play games with BadDad occasionally and he's not on mine. ;(