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The Gamertag known as Ozman51

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A post in the Community Forum asked the question "How did I come up with my Gamertag?" Well the Gamertag known as Ozman51 has been around since 2003 when I was still getting reacquainted to life in the states after serving in Japan from 1999-2002 in the United States Air Force.

The tag started out a Church TOG. Church is a reference to the Red vs Blue Character Private Leonard L. Church. I discovered Red vs Blue, a machinima series based on Halo when I was reassigned to Tinker Air Force Base and a fellow Staff Sergeant got me hooked on it when they only had two episodes out. 8 Seasons later I am still a huge fan. Church is an asshole to put it plainly and my friends, co-workers, and wife who were all adopting names from the show said that Church was definitely me. The TOG = The Older Gamers. TOG is a PC clan much like GeezerGamers. I was a big time PC gamer during my time in Japan as there was no broadband and I was close to the same time zone as a lot of TOGers as the core of their membership is in Australia. I was attempting to start a TOG offshoot on consoles. It failed miserably.

As Xbox did not offer the ability to change you gamertage until the arrival of the 360, I was stuck with Church TOG until around 2007 when it became Church C13. The Change from TOG to C13 was because I had cut my TOG ties long ago as distance and their lack of interest in consoles had made the effort pointless and C13 was added because of Bungie's new Tag above your character in Halo 3. There is a spiffy RvB gamerpicture that is "Church 13" I used so to match, as I am uber anal retentive, I made the gamertag adjustment.

The tag stayed that way well into 2009 when I joined the Geezers. During the spring of 2009 I joined Cirque d' Geezers as Church C13. Prominent life issues took hold that spring and summer and I made an abrupt vanishing act from both the Cirques and GeezerGamers in order to address them without explaination. Life comes before gaming and this was truly the case.

I got back to gaming that fall and started playing NHL10 online having loved EASHL in NHL09. Having played NHL09 I felt it was a safe place. I honestly felt as though I had abandoned the Cirques and didn't want to face the music so I adopted Ozman51 in reference to my real name and jersey number which appear on my character in NHL09-11.

Oz is the first two letters of my last name and is obviously my nickname. However a long time ago some people started callign me Ozman, so I figured it was just as good and used it. Ozman is a reference to Ozzy Osborne for those unacquainted. 51 has been my hockey jersey number for as long as I can remember having a choice in the matter on organized teams. Ironically it is because I saw NFL footage of Dick Butkus and told myself at 6 or so that I wanted to be as mean on defense in hockey as Butkus was for the Bears. The rest as they say is history.

So now that some of that laundry is out there I guess I should say a few more things. First to Erickbob I owe a huge debt of thanks. After my disapearing act in Spring 09 he tracked me down having never removed me as a friend and invited me to a Geezer's hockey tournament last winter. It brought me back into the Geezers fold that I had ostracized myself from. If Erick had not been my initial D-partner in NHL09 when the Cirques were tryign to put together a team I probably wouldn't be here typing this. Sro26 did the same, never forgot who I was, even though the name change and while we pick on each other a ton it's all in good fun. He made me feel welcome in my return to the Geezers too.

Gman, SrGamer, ChemGods and the rest of the hockey crew have kept me sane nights and given me an outlet for nearly a year. Sure some of you frustrate me with your constant offsides and cherry picking but Hockey night has been a mainstay for me in my Geezerdom.

More recently to the members of GIA and to the Cirques I have begun playing Reach with, thanks for the welcome and to the CdG folks the re-acceptance, I'll bet some of you didn't even know this was Church =) I am sorry about the way I left though I feel my priorities were correct. One day I'll stop feeling bad and beating myself up over it. I loved playing with you guys.

Now you know where my tag has been and where it is.


  1. Bree's Avatar
    We were wondering where you disappeared to and glad that you've re-emerged. Very happy that you're in a much better place. I'd offer to game with you some time in the future, but if you're just playing NHL, then SRO and Erick can attest to how I'll never ever ever play that game

    At the end of the day, this is just a game. Friendships need to be above that and we're always here for our peeps regardless.

    Take care of yourself and if you're ever in Reach, shoot me in invite.

  2. Ozman51's Avatar
    I'm on Reach a TON. Max rank right now. You are max friends however =(
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