Glitchers and cheaters and hackers oh my!

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I don't even remotely understand cheating in an online game.

After many many moons, I dropped CoD: Modern Warfare into my 'box to warm up for some (hopefully) Geezer action this evening. And what did I find in the very first map (Overgrown)? Some moron timmy camped out under the map, racking up a 20-1 score before I got so frustrated that I left. My controller is sitting beside me and I am still simmering quietly with rage that this sort of behaviour seems the norm amongst the timmies rather than the exception.

Then there are glitches in games like Reach, allowing either credit boosting or a host advantage one hit melee button cheat.

It is easy to blame the developers for not doing more to combat cheating. I mean, we give them a fair bit of hard earned money on every title to provide us with a happy experience. But the annoying timmies always seem to find a way to suck the fun out of any game by working hard to find the cheats and then adopting them en masse.

I almost hate to say it, but lately I am preferring WoW to my 260. Sure, I pay considerably more for the experience, but Blizzard seems really proactive about patching out hacks and cheats. I hate to say this even more... if a company offered a good persistent online FPS environment with quick fixes for glitches... along with a Bungie-esque banhammer for the cheating timmies... I'd pay for it.

What is the most amusing about the whole situation is that these fools seem to think that the stats they garner from such egregious behaviour actually means something! All it really means is that rather than playing a game in a fair manner, you cheat and glitch in order to bolster your already pathetically low self esteem. And I guess my most important question is how do these kids get like this? What parent lets their kid grow up with such a fundamental disrespect for fair play and accountability?

Or am I just an old coot for finding these sorts of people absolutely annoying?


  1. QUEEN's Avatar
    I must say NO, you are not an old coot. I agree with you 100%, as I am sure most of us do. I don't play a lot of games for that reason. I have stop playing my favorite game GRAW 2, because of this. Lag switches, turbo controllers and in game glitches make a game not fun.
  2. Dr Zork's Avatar
    I've long since come to accept in online games that there will always be people who attempt to glitch and cheat (Loved the aimbots in Quake! ). What still frustrates me are developers who either fail or are very slow to respond to glitches and cheats. It was nice to see Bungie to bring the hammer down so quickly on glitchers recently and according to Bungie they've built what sounds like a significant amount of technology into the game that allows them to combat cheaters. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  3. Triptoy's Avatar
    It's funny the reliance these kids get towards the cheats. I've been playing a lot of CoD4 as of late, and any time Overgrown comes up, I try to head towards and cover the entry point for that under the map glitch. Quite often you'll come across a timmy that will keep coming back to get into the glitch regardless of how many times he gets killed trying. Then it's always a good laugh when after the match, the failed glitcher cries about how much you were camping.
  4. sensfan's Avatar
    I remember in the olden days of console games using rapid-fire controllers and even ones that you could pre-program with certain button & directional cues to perform fatalities or combo-hit moves. So this was tough for me to understand when I moved into the realm of XBox and XBox 360 that rapid-fire controllers were considered a no-no now. I admit that if I could get a hold of one I might consider it to give me a slight edge in my BR/DMR battles. But in the end you still have to learn targeting and timing, as well as evasion and strategy.

    But what yanks my chain the most are the lag-switchers and the aimbotters. I faced several in Halo 3 and now it appears some of them are doing their same garbage in Halo Reach. It's really making Matchmaking no fun again, since there are often times few to no Geezers online to join up with and when there are it seems everyone is headed into an area of Halo Reach I've not been to or don't enjoy, like the game types where you play Oddball, Capture the Flag, etc. Trouble is, where I like to play -- Team Slayer, Team SWAT or other Slayer-like games, that's where the cheaters show up the worst and the most! It really takes the fun out of competition and teamwork when you're faced up with cheaters using a hack that allows them to shoot 20-yards from your head but automatically records you as getting a killed by a headshot.
  5. Monarch's Avatar
    All the more reason to be grateful for Geezer Gamers. I played only a couple of MP games in Halo, they were the expected nightmare for me, frustration personified. Then a few nights later we had a full room of Geezers 16 no timmies, no cheaters, glitchers, campers...much LOL The game was a great time, pure fun. Same with MW2, all geezers great, with timmies, annoying. I play free for all mostly in MW2 MP. It levels the playing field greatly except for team players who rat out your location. The rooms are small.
  6. Warin's Avatar
    I am glad that I am not the only one that finds these sorts odious!