Another night of Reach

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The venture into the arena wasn't quite what I was expecting when I powered on my Xbox last night. Hopping into a room with Chaos, she suggested we play 'Doubles Arena' while we wait for the others. In we go and out we come with a perfect record in dubs. Only one game was very close, but thanks to overcoming continuous camping and Chaos influencing a great spawn we were able to sneak out with the 'W'.

Camping seems more frequent in this Halo than in any of the previous games. A combination of map design, armor abilities, and pace of the game almost seem to encourage it. I'm not advocating a complete run and gun strategy, but holding up in a spot and slowing the game down to a crawl, well that's just not Halo to me. I suppose its just a matter of time before ways to more easily overcome it and make teams pay for doing it surface. Camping is not, in my opinion, a long term winning strategy.

I'm hesitant to say it, but Reach felt a little comfortable last night. By just saying that, I'm sure next time I play I will be going to buy a new controller because the current one is broken.
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  1. Dai's Avatar
    I haven't played any Arena in 'Production', but some of my most enjoyable games in the Beta were in the Arena. I put this down to the very strict application of TrueSkill (meaning I was matched against other overtired guys in their forties with lingering hand injuries, poor reflexes, and wandering attention). What rating did you get? Onyx? I bet you're Onyx.
  2. L3gendcalledJim's Avatar
    I've been slowly enjoying the game more and more. Even though I think the game is a ton of fun Reach seem to have failed to reach my very high Halo standards, but over the last week I'm really starting to feel much more comfortable with the DMR getting 20 plus kills in alot of my slayer, multi-team and rumble pit games and I'm getting that I don't what to put down the controller feeling. I still struggle in BTB and Invasion, but I think thats because I'm still not really enjoying those playlist yet.