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Game Devs - part the second

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So over the weekend, we spent some time with my game dev buddy I talked about previously. Saturday night - dinner, beer, and Rock Band 2.

And I felt I should correct something I said last time, about this game dev buddy of mine not finding the fun in games any more, as that's not entirely true. He is a really hardcore RB2 guitarist, and his wife is a mean drummer. (To everyone who sent me messages on XBL letting me know that when I was done signing that B-52s song, they were getting a party together to play some BTB - that was just a warmup, okay?!)

Anyway, I got to thinking (and talking with him over a cigar) about where the fun is in gaming, for him. Rock Band was obvious, but he also plays (big surprise to me here) Quake Live, which is about as hardcore as you get.

Looking at this guy's body of work, I started to see the difference. It's like a guy who repairs lawnmowers for a living racing stock cars on the weekend, nothing more. In the course of the conversation, he started on the topic came up of 'games I'd like to make', among which was a mod for Action Half-Life with RPG elements and a persistent world (MMO-like) where you play an assassin.

Tempted though I was to give my buddy all my money in order to make that game, it isn't going to happen. I asked why - and the answer was that building it wouldn't be any fun.
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  1. Ozman51's Avatar
    I saw you playing RB2, big Myley Cyrus fans huh?
  2. Dai's Avatar
    Huge. Next question.
  3. Ozman51's Avatar