The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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So what's going great? The lack of time pressures of a job is great. Like I said its an endless weekend. I get to do what I want when I want (well still have my wife's directions but you get the picture). No commuting, not working late or those sort of thing. Still can't get the smile off my face most of the time.

So what is the bad part? Mostly it is the lack of meaning/purpose or what have you that work gave of the day. Work was a big part of my identity as it likely is for most folks. I had worked for about 30 years in the organization I left. Needless to say leaving created a bit of a void. The endless weekend phase allows this fact to be ignored in the short term, that's why I use the term as weekends end and you go back to work. This is coping strategy will end when it happens.

What fits into the ugly category? That is all the changes that have to happen if leave a job. Got to get new email address and update all those sites that used my work address as the ciontact email. Had to change or start health care plans to those available to retirees or get on my wife's (usually on them but got to check and update) plans. This administrivia all needs to be done and can't wait. This stuff constiture the things that change the endless weekend phase into retirement.

There you have it all parts are needed to go through the process. Starting to get boring so maybe more tommorrow.
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  1. LouisQCI's Avatar
    So how do I edit this as I found some mistakes? Thought this was part of my first blog post. Seems to be a new one, guess I got to read the directions.
  2. Yardarm51's Avatar
    I may be a mod but I'm not too sure about how to edit blog posts to be honest. You may not want to hear this man but my father is getting ready to retire in March and is getting ready to start doing all this adminisitrivia stuff as well. It is actually his second retirement as he retired once and the office panicked and hired him back on the next day as a contract worker.