You're not worth the wait.

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Every so often, more often than I care for, I get an invite to play Halo Reach while I'm in the middle -- or even close to the end -- of a Firefight game. In a minute or two, my game ends, and I'm back in the lobby -- only to find that the person who just sent me an invite is now searching for a Matchmaking game.

So, you wouldn't wait two minutes for me to finish my game, but you want me to wait (assuming the join works and actually puts me into the queue; not always a sure thing especially if, for whatever reason, the party appears as "Closed" and sometimes questionable even when it's "Invite Only") 15 minutes or so for your game?

Well, maybe I can squeeze in another game while I wait. Which I'll often do -- only to get another invite as I'm about to finish to a party that leaves without me before I can finish my game.

If you're going to send an invite, at least have the courtesy of giving me a chance to join first. I know that (maddeningly) Firefight doesn't report how much time is left in a game, but honestly, when I get an invite as I hear "FIVE ENEMIES REMAINING", I know you didn't wait long before jumping into the next game.


  1. GravHammerman's Avatar
    Agreed. It seems to happen often. I for one, like to get big teams together. However I ask the friends in my party to hold on a minute while I check the status and availability of some other friends in matchmaking and then decide whether to invite or not (While others in the party do the same). After waiting for said friends to finish and see if they'll join, I'll ask everyone in the current party if they're ready to go. Really just boils down to common courtesy I suppose. Bungie gave us a great tool to use in the lobby. Now we all need to learn how to use it.