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So the last post was a bit depressing, it happens when you are sitting in the dark waiting for the power to get on. I hope to be a bit more positive in this one.

I did a bit of reading and online surfing to figure out this retirement thing and how I was reacting to it. I found a couple of interesting sources of ideas to consider in my analysis of my new role. The first was a physiologist author named Dr. Viktor Frankl in his book, "Man's Search for Meaning". It is an interesting read.

In another book called “Prisoners of Our Thoughts: Viktor Frankl's Principles at Work” by Alex Pattakos and Stephen R Covey the seven principles are defined and reviewed these are stated as the following: (from the Amazon.com review and preview of this book)

You have the freedom to choose your reaction and attitude towards things that affect you. ;
You can focus consciously on positive, meaningful values and;
You can find meaning in everything that occurs;
You can learn how to stop your self-sabotage;
You can see yourself objectively and with humour;
You can choose your focus when dealing with challenges in ways that will be rewarding;
You can influence the world in positive ways.

The second was from an online blog by Wil Wheaton http://wilwheaton.typepad.com/ yes, that guy from Star Trek Next Generation, Stand By Me and recently the Big Bang Theory. His contribution is not as wordy but just as meaningful and is referred to as Wheaton’s law. Which is: “Don’t be a dick.” Which could be defined as not following Frankl’s seven principles in my opinion. Wil sort of retired/was ignored after his Star Trek fame ended and the blog was his way of getting out of his negative headspace. His blog is sort of an example of the use of Frankls principle by an grown-up child star who did not explode into a tabloid headline. Also an interesting read.

These guiding principles are hard to follow as being a “dick” is easy. The trick is to stop following the easy route and find a healthier wiser way to react to the world. I think the last post had a bit of a poor me attitude and was venturing close to the dick-like behaviour I don’t want to exhibit. I should learn from this and not write blog posts during storms and power failures.
Now I got to walk the dogs and ponder life with the power on and the promise of better things to come. (short term postive outcome: I can play Fallout New Vegas again).
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