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Thread: Astro Gaming Headset

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    Astro Gaming Headset

    Sense my wife and I moved into our house 2 years ago I have been trying to convince her to allow me to install surround sound in the living room (as well as outside speakers for the deck) but she does not want it she doesn't see "a need" for it. So what I was wondering was if anyone on here had any of the two Astro gaming A30 or A40 headsets? If so how would you rate it in quality and comfortability?

    If not these what kind do you have and what do you think about them?

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    My son has a set of Turtle Beach X41's (wireless) and I have used them a couple of times. They sound very good. Since they are wireless they run on batteries, so I recommend a couple sets of rechargeables as they really chew through them. You can get the Turtle Beach's for $200, maybe less if you search the net for a deal.

    There is a discussion about headsets in this thread.

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