I have a 12 year old daughter who has gamed her whole life and has moved up in gaming little by little. Well, she asked about playing a shooter. Right now the most "mature" game she is playing is Batman AA and Dark Shadows (or something like that name, an old hack & slash on the PS3). Both are "T" games.

While I hesitated at first, after she explained that some of the other 7th graders (boys mostly, but some girls too) were playing and talking about Halo and COD, I started thinking I may allow it. My wife, Morgan, has put up with my gaming these 20+ years and also plays a bit with us, so these games are not unfamiliar to her. She is also hesitant, but knowing our daughter, feels ok with a little bit of this genre, but not allowing her the whole spectrum.

She has asked about Perfect Dark Zero and also the Tomb Raiders (know that is not a shooter, per se) as she wants to play as a female lead character, and as she said, "not one that looks like she travels with a stripper pole".

Not that it might matter to you, but for her background, she is an honor student, a large bit of Tom-Boy, participates with her church group and an overall good kid (for one creeping to those teenage years). She has seen me be a target with you guys in MP games.

So what are you guys/gals letting your kids in this age range play? Any shooters? None at all? Only ones without humans as the opponents (Halo, Left 4 Dead, etc.)? On their own in SP? Only with you locally?

And if you do allow playing some shooters, which ones are you allowing?