Gamertag: S4VN B3A5T

What's the story behind your gamertag?

When I first joined xbox live the only game I played was Gears of War. Everyone in the first clan I was part of called me a beast so I changed to it. After leaving that clan, and several other gamertag changes I recently changed back to Beast after everyone once again called me a beast while playing Gears Of War 2...I just recently added S4VN to it, because I saved myself from a very bad situation.

How long have you been on Xbox LIVE?

Since November 2007 with different accounts

What other gaming consoles do you regularly succumb to?

I own a PS3, but mostly use it as an overpriced Blu-ray player

How close does your Avatar resemble your real self?

Almost to a "T" except my avatar has more hair...

What is your favorite single player & multiplayer Xbox LIVE game?

Single player: Assassin's Creed franchise

Multiplayer: Gears Of War franchise

What was your most memorable gaming experience?

Reaching level 100 in Gears Of War 2 while playing 48hrs straight with about 2hrs sleep with Pops, and Viper by my side..putting an end to about a 6 month to a year(got frustrated with gameplay and traded game in) binge...and no majority of my EXP came from straight up XP, not all this 25x XP...

What do you do when you're not playing video games?

Changing Diapers, and being a chauffeur for my kids during soccer and football season, hanging out here with all my friends

Your guilty pleasure movie (you know the one, where you’re a little embarrassed you’ve watched it over and over or that you actually liked it)

Them Lovely Bones

What's the worst or weirdest job you've ever had?

Having to setup a roadblock so media and unauthorized personal couldn't pass for 12hr shifts with no bathroom privileges and during daylight sucked real bad. Talk about a bladder of steel...

Beer, liquor, wine, or something else?

100% Beer...liquor and me don't mix well, and no I don't mean stomach wise...

Favourite food?

Anything BBQ or Hotwings...hotter the better

Favourite TV show?

Sons of Anarchy

3 favourite bands?

Demon Hunter
Tom Petty