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    Im using the Samsung focus. really liking that phone. I came from Android. One of the biggest complaints you get from android users is battery life. I know on my focus, I can go a couple of days without charging. I also like the fact that i can do netflix on my phone. There are some androids that can do it, but they have to be approved by netflix on a 'by phone' basis.

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    My HD7 is still going strong - over a year in now.

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    I just upgraded from a Samsung Focus to an HTC Titan and am really enjoying the larger screen (especially for travel when I watch movies). I had problems with the bluetooth on the Focus with my Infiniti (apparently this is a known issue with the focus and Nissan/Infiniti vehicles) thus the call quality when I am in the car has improved tremendously.

    I thought battery life would be much worse with the Titan given the 4G (HSPA+) and the big screen but it's been comparable to what I saw with the focus.

    (disclaimer - I work for Microsoft but these are my personal opinions).

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